Quality Improvement and Audit Projects

1.  Clinical Coding in trauma and orthopaedics; Manchester University Foundation Trust


2. Compliance with BOAST 4 guidance; review of a joint orthoplastics service; Manchester University Foundation Trust


3. Use of LIPUS for management of non-union and delayed unions; Manchester University Foundation Trust


4. Reducing the length of stay after ankle fractures in a major trauma centre; Manchester University Foundation Trust

5. Clinical and patient-reported outcomes of LIPUS in established non-unions of the foot and ankle; Wrightington Hospital

6. Consent process in elective orthopaedic surgery; Quality improvement project for BOA clinical leaders programme, Wrightington Hospital

7. Cognitive assessment in hip fracture patients; Royal Stoke University Hospital

8. Mobility and rehabilitation after hip fracture surgery; Royal Stoke University Hospital.


9. Antibiotic prophylaxis; assessment of compliance of guidelines in elective and trauma patients; Royal Stoke University Hospital, 2016/2017.


10. Incidence of acute kidney injury after lower limb arthroplasty; Royal Stoke University Hospital


11. Surgically treated Scaphoid fractures, a local audit of current practice at UHNM; Royal Stoke University Hospital


12. Outcomes for hip fracture patients admitted on Warfarin; a matched cohort study comparing treatment pre and post national guidelines; Royal Stoke University Hospital.

13. Direct anterior approach (DAA) versus posterior approach for total hip arthroplasty (THA); Short-term results of functional assessment in matched cohort in the early phase of recovery; Royal Stoke Hospital

14. Failure of Swedish Total Ankle Replacements (STAR); collected and analysed the data, Nottingham University Hospital


15.   Cyst formation after Mobility total ankle replacement; collected and analysed the data, Nottingham University Hospital

16. Value of graduated compression stockings in prevention of VTE after total hip and knee arthroplasty; Nottingham University Hospital

17. Outcome of arthroscopic meniscal repair surgery; collected and analysed the data; Royal Derby Hospital

18. Blood transfusion after knee replacement; drainage vs non-drainage; cost effectiveness of selective blood group and save; Royal Derby Hospital

19. Early results after vertebral body stenting for fractures of the anterior column of thoraco-lumbar spine; Royal Derby Hospital


20. Outcome of intra-medullary nailing for pathological femoral fractures; collected and analysed the data; Royal Derby Hospital

21. Cement augmentation for vertebral fractures in patients with multiple myeloma; collected and analysed the data; Royal Derby Hospital


22.  Accuracy of prognostic scores in predicting survival and decision making for surgical management in metastatic spine disease; Royal Derby Hospital

23. One column versus two-column stabilisation for spinal metastasis; collected and analysed the data; Royal Derby Hospital


24. Two weeks wait referral for bone and soft tissue sarcoma to a non-specialist centre; Royal Derby Hospital


25. Use of caudal epidural steroid injection for lumbo-sacral radicular pain in the presence of sacral tarlov cyst; Royal Derby Hospital


26. Clinical outcome and cost analysis in paediatric femoral fractures in children; Royal Derby Hospital


27. USS screening for DDH, A review of our own practice; Royal Derby Hospital


28. A knowledge audit of decontamination of commonly encountered hospital acquired infections; Walsall Manor Hospital


29. Clinical results and motion analysis following arthroscopic anterior stabilization of shoulder using bioknotless anchors; North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary