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Testimonials from Patients

''Very pleasant and explained things well.''


''Excellent care, an asset to the trust.''


''This man is an absolute professional, and a gentleman.''

''Mr Majeed is a very polite man I was put at east right away I am very happy with my appointment today.''


''Very familiar with my problem and put me at ease. Very clear explanation and advice.''


''Excellent Doctor.''


''I am very pleased about Mr Majeed from the very start of my journey. I am nearly there now thanks to all his care, my operation which he did and ongoing care. Need to keep up the good work. Need more doctors like him.''


''Very kind and well spoken.''


''Mr Majeed is the most polite & best surgeon in the business. Very well spoken and explains everything fully. I'm a happy customer :)''


''I am very happy with the doctor and was very well informed about my condition and treatment that I'm receiving.''

Testimonials from Colleagues

''Excellent teacher both on the ward and in theatre. Communicates well with patients and other team members.''

''Very dynamic and helpful consultant who is eager to teach, a great team player and leader.''


''Mr Majeed is a unique orthopaedic surgeon. Unlike others in the speciality, he has a polite personality and is very empathetic towards patients and supportive for his team. His interpersonal skills including patient contact are exemplary. His knowledge about management of orthopaedic problems is up to date and he shares his experiences and skills with his colleagues in person and through his website. He never hesitates to go an extra mile for his patients and colleagues.''

''Mr Majeed is a very nice colleague to work with. He enjoys explaining the problems to the patients and is very confident in his decisions. We would appreciate for him to get more involved in teaching us his precious techniques.''


''Excellent communication skills with all members of team. Treats everyone with respect. Listens to problems, updates changes to treatment plans appropriately. Actively participates in peer group discussions in Trauma meeting.''


''Very supportive to juniors and colleagues, very kind to his patients. Approachable and reliable.''


''Excellent teacher Wide breadth of knowledge Very approachable. Excellent communication with his patients.''


''Mr Majeed is kind, knowledgeable and a great team player. He has great relationships with the MDT and patients and is always happy to help when needed. He is a valued member of the team.''


''I have worked under Mr. Majeed in foot and ankle team, he is always keen to teach me orthopaedics and always encouraged me to feel free to ask anything I am doubtful about. I really admire his way of communication which I especially noticed when he consents the patient for a surgical procedure.''


''I have worked personally with Mr Majeed as his junior SHO. He is very helpful and guided me at every step of the way. His clinical knowledge and skills are very impressive. Above all, he creates a positive and comfortable work environment. He is one of the most nicest yet professional Consultants I have come across with.''


''I work with Mr Majeed from a management perspective. There have been numerous occasions of patients wanting to praise Mr Majeed to me for his excellent care and the time he takes to discuss their issues and treatment plans. He is more than happy to speak to patients outside of clinic times and is always willing to offer help and advice when needed.''

''Haroon is a valued member of the team and is always polite and considerate with colleagues and patients. Patient care is high on his agenda and this shows on a daily basis when he is dealing with patients.''

''Mr. Majeed is a very reliable colleague whose opinions I greatly respect. He is an excellent addition to our department.''


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